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Job Description

Online Casino Dealer(Office Based)

  • Job Description
    Online casino dealers are the face of online gambling. They’re responsible for dealing cards, and managing all other aspects of gameplay in an online casino.
    It’s their job to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that players have a positive experience while playing at the casino.
  • Responsibilities
    Takes charge of manning the designated/assigned gaming table
    Shuffling of cards
    Deals the games
    Maintaining the correct gaming procedures laid down in the gaming manual at all times
    Communicates and coordinates with colleagues regarding dealing to ensure smoothness and efficiency in the conduct of table games
    Cooperates and consults the Pit bosses on all her actions at all times
    Keeps Pit Boss informed at all times by means of clear comments on all operations and transactions
    Participates actively during meetings and briefing
    Must have thorough knowledge of game procedures and “House Rules” for all applicable games
    Deals games with efficiency and professionalism while providing great guest service
    Provide excellent customer service by showing good gestures and facial expression.
    Doing Emcee in front of the Camera
  • Requirements
    Position only for Women
    Possess strong online video projection and having self-assurance in front of the camera
    Must have a good smile, fair skin, and be pretty, pleasant, and photogenic
    Ability to work in a Fast-Paced environment
    Must be able to traverse the casino area quickly and easily
    Realistic, Conventional and Enterprising
    Attention to detail and problem-solving skills
    Strong written and verbal communication
    Time management and organisational skills
    Ability to maintain a consistent teamwork mentality
    With or without experience.
    Full-Time position(s) only
    Amendable in changing schedules and available to work on holidays
    A 1-month training period
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